This is my featured work.

I'm a writer.

I'm a writer.But with a background in marketing and media. My strength is writing conversationally, though I can still follow style guides and properly apply an Oxford comma. Need short or long form copy for the web, video, audio, or marketing pieces? Contact me.

The gig.

Web Content Writer - WalgreensAs of 2011, I'm working for as a Web Content Writer. But this is much more than a normal writing job. I'm developing instruction sets for new web applications and analyzing existing quantitative data in order to better display and organize the customer assistance areas of the website. It's all about making the content work for the customer.

Print, Graphic, and Document Design

DesignGood content needs somewhere beautiful to rest. I can design for the web and for print with Adobe Creative Suite 5. I've done posters, publications, documents, gift certificates, and other graphic arts projects as needed. Oh, and this website, of course.

Marketing - Indiana Problem Gambling Hotline

Indiana Problem Gambling HotlineMaking the sale was the tip of the iceberg. For the Indiana Problem Gambling Hotline's marketing push during football and college basketball season, we secured Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy and CBS broadcaster and former Ohio State star Clark Kellogg to voice radio spots, providing the Indiana Council on Problem Gambling with a memorable campaign.

Blogging the serious and the joyous.

BloggingOf course, I keep a blog or two. My main muse is beer, and I write about craft beer and Chicago breweries at The Beer Student. I also write about digital media from my masters program at my NMS Blog and my older personal blog the media ®evolution.

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